I'm Leanne and I'm a 22 year old early childhood education major. This is about my struggle to accomplish the last half of my 100 pound weight loss and become a running ninja, all while trying to survive school and have a somewhat normal life.
SW: 260
UGW: happy and healthy


This just happened…

Your eyes are not deceiving you…that registration does in fact say MARATHON, not 1/2 marathon. I figured with a $50+ savings I had to go balls to the wall with it.

Besides, what better place to complete your first marathon then right in your hometown? Nola pride baby!

Go here: http://www.runrocknroll.competitor.com/new-orleans type in “SAINTSWIN” and come party in New Orleans people! All the cool cats are gonna be there. 


  1. mr-smit said: Sweeeeet! This is going to be so so so epic.
  2. fromlazytolively said: salfjslkdflksdlkfjlsdjlajf im sooooooooooooo excited for you soososososo excited!! YOU GOT THIS BOO! ahhh!! i wanna scream im so happy for you! :)
  3. runningwithguts said: FUCK YEAH, MISSION: MOLLIE. Get you some!
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